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north of clear lake

they closed the doors on north shore drive and turned out all the lights

the kids all left the ballroom and headed out into the night

someone tossed a coin as the frost began to bite right to the core

but they knew it was over as the snow began to fall

yes the snow fell on the mid-west in the winter of '59

a few miles north of clear lake west of highway 35

falling softly where they never made the climb above the shore

just above the horizon was all they were looking for

with no stars to guide them nothing mattered any more

                              from llano estacado all across the western plains

                                  never thought those days would ever end


in the early morning hours when shadows start to fade

lights from mason city seem to falter in the haze

for the early morning traffic it’s just another working day  like before

for maria santiago nothing matters anymore 


the sun rose on the midwest in the spring  of ‘59

50 years rolled over like the winter left behind

and we all sang the songs just one last time – like before

but we knew it was over nothing mattered anymore




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silver coin


now that I’m older I know I’m not old enough to know

what it is to be lonesome what it is to be without a home

but i've a friend in mind who loves me rain or shine

don’t ask me why

but her younger eyes are so much older eyes than mine


i thought i was well read that I wouldn’t need to ask her for a lead

but when i read what her eyes said i knew i had nothing more to read

nothing more to say no nothing more to do

but throw all my words away

on someone who needs them who can’t find a woman like you.


i ran all the way here to be the first to see the rising star

but there were others before me the sound of beauty travels far

i hear it sweet and clear and it rings like a silver coin 

thrown down on stone

and though i'm lost in a crowd i just know she’s around me somehow


no where else to go


i'm looking out at the stars tonight across the western sky

the whole thing moving at the speed of light don’t know where or why

maybe it’s just a great escape heaven only knows

they’ll all be back tomorrow night ’cause for now 

they've got nowhere else to go


he never said he was done with this he said i'm going to see it through

didn’t matter if they shook their heads the doctors don't have a clue

you and me we should head out east maybe go to mexico

but when he closed his eyes i realised that for now

he had nowhere else to go


i might go down to the waterfront looking out to sea

thinking about what a friend had said  something that he said to me

i watch the waves come rolling in breaking on the rocks below

from far across the sea they come but for now

they’ve got nowhere else to go


i might go down to mexico maybe leave for spain

spend some time in the western isles head out south again

looking out at the sea and the stars there’s a woman i used to know

she waited for me all these years 'cause she knew

i had nowhere else to go


that was then this is now


i've been living in empty spaces kicking over all the traces

trying to find a place to settle down

i ain’t sad and i ain’t lonely just going nowhere slowly

that was then this is now


up and down the same old highway 90 miles of neon light my way

but one by one those lights give out

every road i ride gets darker every bend a little sharper

that was then this is now


sometimes when the night is falling i can hear those voices calling 

and i  turn on the radio

those good old boys in country drive-thru’s,

hit their horns and play them dance tunes

that was then this is now


broken hearts they need mending with cadilliacs and conversations

beat the drum and blow those trumpets loud

i’m doing fine but thanks for asking made it home and i'm still standing

that was then this is now


one of these days


one of these days i’ll see the horizon

see the sun slide into the sea

watch the flood tide and the water rising

hear a footstep hear a key.

one of these days i’ll stand on the outside

no more sorrow no more shame

no more sighing no more crying

one of these days i’ll be free again


there are times when you stumble

when your neighbour he’ll lay you aside

the river is deep and the water troubled

and you can’t see to the other side

but one of these days i'll walk on that shore line

in the north wind the cold and the rain

and together we’ll walk on the water

one of these days I’ll be free again


from here to rosedale

just another poor boy riding freight

playing on some heartstrings though his playing wasn’t great

young enough to pity old enough to hate he was …

down down down


across the highway dark and cold

the moon was rising and it ran with blood and gold

jerusalem was over and he sold his soul he was …

down down down

                                          from here to rosedale leroy sang the blues

                                          satan on his shoulder stones was in his shoes

                                          that boy had nothing nothing left to lose

                                          he was down down down


                                           up and down the delta somewhere down the line

                                           standing on some corner with the devil right behind

                                           you'll cry for a nickel die for a dime when you’re …

                                           down down down


                                           he climbed aboard for one last ride

                                           nobody saw him everybody passed him by

                                           but when leroy sang the blues the whole world cried

                                           they were down down down

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