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Live Dates  - Terry and Rog

The coronavirus has played havoc with gig schedules up and down the land. All of my remaining dates for this year have been cancelled or  rearranged although along with Hunter Muskett I'm holding on to dates in 2021 in the hope they'll go ahead. Who knows? In the meantime, courtesy of Zoom, I've been playing regularly at virtual sessions organised by clubs and greatly enjoying meeting and hearing new people. There are too many to list here but in no particular order,  I can usually be found at the HOY at Anchor, Westcliff; The Milkmaid at Bury St. Edmunds; Wivenhoe in Colchester; Islington, Chesham, Cambridge and Black Fen; along with the Goose Is Out in Nunhead, Spalding, Dartford and Brampton: details can be found on the clubs' websites

Hunter Muskett - Full Band

                                                     Autumn Tour 2020 cancelled




                         Spring Tour 2021: dates so far confirmed

10th April    Camforth, Cumbria

11th April    Southport, the Bothy

15th April    Brigsteer Village Hall, Cumbria


16th April    Zeffirellis, Ambleside


17th April    Water Yeat Village Hall, Cumbria

18th April    Windermere Golf Club

24th April    Barn Hall, Wickford, Essex

27th April    HOY at Anchor, Westcliff, Essex

30th April    St Edith's Folk Club, Kent

8th May       Cranbrook Festival, Kent

10th May     Colchester Arts Centre

11 May        Dartford Folk Club, Kent